why untitled, unwritten?

I once labeled everything before it was written, until I found it kept too many words away. Now I am leaving the unwritten untitled, until it grows into a name.

Monday, November 5, 2012

No. 61

The first frost has arrived.

I love shivery mornings like this and the gentle glisten and crackle of the grass.


Melissa Blake said...

And it snowed here in Illinois today. Winter is definitely coming!

Meagan said...

It was really beautiful to awaken to that on Monday.

Thank you for your sweet comment today! Hope life has been treating you well :)

Sam | ashore said...

I like frosty mornings too (maybe it's because of the "glisten" .. I've always been a fan of sparkles!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, and here I am in Sao Paulo in the heat!! :) I do like Christmas in the snow though!!