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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Corners of Home

My husband and I live in a house that we never dreamed of owning.

It's bigger than we need right now, but perfect for family gatherings and someday growing into.

The lot it's built on covers nearly half an acre, right in the middle of a suburban neighborhood.

It only came with one major repair needed in the first year (and that had more to do with a brutal winter of Kentucky's lovely freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw cycle than anything else).

and I'm sort of a wreck at keeping this beautiful house clean and organized (as I am at keeping things clean and organized in general).

 and I just cannot figure out how to decorate it in a way that pulls everything together, that strikes that perfect balance of put-together and slightly-messy that I adore (and adored even before Pinterest existed, which means I have only myself and Ikea and Pottery Barn and a million other catalogues to blame).
HELP.  Seriously, advice and ideas on getting this messy little-big house sorted and cozy and pretty would be welcome.  I am not good at matching.  At all.  So how do I mix well without matching?  I don't know.  

These are the sorts of problems I'm thankful I have.

Now, to put away the laundry...

Note: between taking these pictures and posting this, I cleaned off my fridge and counter.  Yes, I realize the only way to keep my house clean is to clean it.  Oh well.

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