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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

24 before 25, the Revised List

Since my birthday is in September, this is essentially a summer to-do list.  Here's what I'll get up to: 

1.  make my own natural skincare products 
    [I made this tea tree & green tea toner and I love it.
2. press flowers from Papa's garden and other beloved places 
    [I pressed flowers from my best friend's wedding (shhh, I haven't given them to her yet!).  I still want to save some from my grandfather's garden.]
3. *spend a week as a vegetarian I didn't spend a whole week meat-free, but I came up with some new entrées and reduced my own meat intake.  
4. write a bucket/life/awesome list in clever way and hang it on the wall
5.  go hiking by myself in a beautiful place
6. begin planning adventures inspired by this book  
7. send snail mail  
     [writerapha.tumblr.com (and also I mailed some paperwork today--does that count?)]
8. *go for evening walks with Cory and Jack  We went a few days a week before we moved.  Now we have daily play-fetch sessions in the backyard, and it's wonderful.
9. sew some simple clothing  
     [I made a cute little tunic top from some oatmeal-hued jersey knit cotton & keep wearing it--it's so comfy!]
10.  learn to do the splits like I always wanted to in ballet when I was a little girl
11.  finally read all of Anne of Green Gables  
     [Oh, how I love a kindred spirit!]
12.  sew this apron and put buttons on the back because it'd make a great dress
13.  read The Fault in Our Stars 
     [SO GOOD.]
14.  *get moving (here's why)
15.  get this necklace and write its words on the wall
16.  *edit*  run a 5k  Go on long bike rides (because my knees don't like running).   
     [I rode my bike to Barnes and Noble (and bought this book).  I say that counts, since it's the farthest I've biked in years.]
17.  *read at least five books on my to-read list, including Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close 
     [Progress  7/20: read EL&IC, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, American Gods, Anne of Green Gables, and over half of The Happiness Project
18.  start my days (or the part that comes after work) with some yoga
19.  go on at least two dates a month, with lists like this one for inspiration I think washer-dryer shopping trips and rummage sale hunting count, especially if they include a yummy sandwich and fries from Penn Station and wandering around Half Price Books.
20.  stitch a constellation on a sweater 
     [It's stitched on an old top, but I will probably add more to the piece because it was so easy and the result is SO fun.]
21.  find a copy of this book: a Regency-era romance about a girl studying at a school for wizards.  I KNOW. 
     [I found a copy at the library, but I had the hardest time getting into the story, even though it was quite fun--I just wasn't in the mood for it.]
22.  hang my own painted galaxy on the wall 
23.  paint this on a window or on picture frame 
24.  start collecting all our ticket stubs from summer movies (since that's the only time we go to the movies)...and perhaps fill it out with other little items from places we go 
     [I framed our tickets from the Reds game in Cincinnati.  We haven't gone many other places yet, what with home-buying and all]

*revised items

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I'd like to hep with #2.
You can borrow my Yoga Journal magazines for #18.