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Monday, October 22, 2012

No. 59

I was going to tell you about my puppy's story last week.  But then taking care of him, school, marriage, and myself got to be far too much for a few days, and his story had to wait a bit, because it breaks my heart.  I debated sharing at all.  It's not a story I liked hearing and I almost wish it could be buried.  But we've given little Jack a happy home and the story a happy ending, so I will share.

You guys, Jack, his mother, and his entire litter were abandoned near a coal mine a few hours east of here.  He was the only one alive when they were found.

I hate writing that, hate sharing this sob story, hate that I have something sad to write on this space I usually dedicate to the light.   But even more, I hate that someone just abandoned these animals.

It. is. not. okay.

This sad story shows in my little pup.  He fears almost everything that makes noise.  The second he hears the gate to someone's patio swing open or slam shut, he runs at the very end of his leash until we get to our building's door.  He's timid around other dogs and shakes when he hears a car door close.

And yet.  When I feed him, he dances circles around my feet.  When I pick him up, he licks my nose.  When I sit at my desk, he naps at my feet.  He chases the toys we toss across the room, and he chases leaves in the back yard.  When Cory comes home from work, he literally wiggles with excitement.  He is so, so happy with us.

He's eight months old, it turns out.  We thought he was half that age until I took him to the vet last week.  He was probably underweight when he first arrived at the shelter.  We still have enough time to care for him and love him out of his timidity.  For that, I am glad.  And I am so glad for the Animal Care Society, where this little guy got plenty of love and care until we found him there.

When we began looking for a dog, it was really important to me to adopt from a shelter.  I am so glad we did, in spite of our slight woes during the first week.  I do understand that not everyone can adopt.  Still, you can do something: donate, of course, but perhaps even more importantly, when you know someone looking for a pet, steer them to your local humane society, a shelter, or one of many breed-specific rescues.

I get that there are bigger problems in the world.  I try to support people who are doing things about those big problems.  But raising a puppy is something I can actually do right here, where I am, and something that brings me great joy.

and the next post is going to be lighthearted and fun, because this story has been told, my darling pup's past is fading, and it's time to focus on joy.


Anisha Pradahn said...

Jack is so adorable!!
In fact all animals are. But he is really lucky to have found a home with someone like you.
I have two dogs at home and they are the naughtiest but most adorable thing in my life :)

+Not Just My Allegories+

... said...

He is adorable!

Dancing Branflake said...

Please do! He is adorable!